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Simple – Direct – Effective – Fun

Communications for Better Relationships

All aspects of your being improve

with better communication skills.


AT WORK:  Improve your life at work – whether you are self employed, a boss, a manager, an employee, good communication skills improve your ability for success. Experience more confidence and learn how to handle negotiations, conflicts and issues with ease.


AT PLAY:  Get yourself understood!  Clear up misunderstandings and get back into good relationships with your friends and family. Expand your capacity to have really rewarding relationships in your personal life.


PERSONALLY:  Learn how to establish an intimate relationship that works for you and for your partner.  Develop your ability to have emotional intimacy and understanding so that you can have a deeply fulfilling relationship.   



The Relationship Class


The Weekend of February 21 & 22

PLUS 4 weeks of Group and Individual Practices

to integrate your ability into your personal life

Fort Langley Lion’s Hall 

23022 88th Ave., Fort Langley

Cost $675

A Payment Plan is available.



or for more information

CALL 604-881-6806







Dear Friends,

Years ago I came across a particular form of knowledge that was unlike anything I had ever heard before.  The principles were so extraordinary in their simplicity, I could not believe they had not been taught in school and in the home from the beginning of time. That information changed my life and I proceeded to study and train to give the workshops that had made such a difference for me. For 30 years this work has never failed to show me that ‘the truth’ is the most liberating event for any situation.

No matter how hard it is, it is truth that sets us free.  Why is that?  It is because truth is based on something much deeper than any position we could have.  It is based on love.  Whenever real truth is present, love is also there. Love is not limited.  Our perspective is.

I have designed Living from Truth as a series of five workshops that are the distillation of extraordinary information and practices.   I am amazed over and over again at how simple they are, and how fast the change occurs within each person’s life when they know these things.  People become authentic, real, and vibrant.

If you have not taken a weekend in Living from Truth, the first course is available to you for a registration fee of $100. This includes a six-week follow-up integration program.  I am so clear that this program will serve you that I am offering you one so that you can experience what I am talking about.  I believe that when you see what this is you will be able to decide for yourself, based on your own experience, whether this is something that you would like to continue with.

If you would like more detailed information on these courses, please go to Living from Truth under the Workshops tab.

Each part of the weekend builds on the previous information so it will require you arriving ready to attend the whole workshop. You will be very surprised at what you experience. There are many, many benefits.

On the last day I will tell you about the rest of the program and about The Real Awakening, a meditation workshop that was the pivotal place of awakening for me personally. You can decide based on your own experience whether continuing would be valuable to you.

Living from Truth is given in Fort Langley BC and Edmonton AB.  If you are interested in taking the next weekend in one of those places, please fill in the registration form under the workshop tab and I or my staff will contact you to answer any questions that you have.  You will also receive a participant’s package by email before the weekend that gives you directions, what to bring, hours and location and all the information you need to know.

Thank you for your time  I really appreciate it.  I experience joy in showing you something so amazing. I hope to meet you personally very  soon.

Much love and wishes for REAL happiness,