About Anjali

Anjali has taken, staffed and mastered over 150 Enlightenment Intensives.  This is truly an amazing accomplishment.  The purpose of the Enlightenment Intensive is to experience direct union with the Truth of Who you are.  It is the experience of Enlightenment.  Although it is beyond words of explanation or description, Enlightenment is real.  The benefits alone when someone goes for this level of Truth are profound.  It is the experience of deep awakening to your own true self.

Anjali took her first Enlightenment Intensive in 1976.  She trained intensely to guide people through this process for six years and gave her first workshop in 1982.  She was prestigiously certified as an Enlightenment Master in 1992 by the Dyad School of Enlightenment in Australia.  These events impacted Anjali’s life of service.  The many benefits she herself experienced through the process of waking to enlightenment inspired Anjali to show others how to do this process.  Thousands have attended.

Born and raised in Ontario, Anjali was certified as a yoga instructor early in her career.  She trained for two years with the Yoga Centre Toronto before being officially certified in 1977.  Yoga literally means union.  It is from depth and with clarity that Anjali teaches people and it impacts many levels of each student’s life and being.

One of Anjali’s most shining areas of long term achievement is in her full-time counseling practice which has thrived since 1987.  Anjali has studied Clearing since 1985, and she was certified as an independent practitioner of Clearing by the European Clearing Association in Geneva in 1997.  Anjali’s practice has helped people from almost every walk of life.  She is especially renowned for her work in counseling couples.

It is not merely her years of experience or even her impressive credentials that make Anjali an exceptional counselor and teacher.  Anjali is conscious and caring.  She uses her awareness like a knife to expertly slice to the reality and heart of every situation.  Her answers are honest and simple.  She speaks with humour, compassion and depth.

Today Anjali offers The Living from Truth Program, Personal Counselling, various specialty courses and a yearly week-long Retreat for her students.  Anjali has crafted and taught these workshops since 2003.  The Living from Truth seminars help participants live with greater Truth in their life.  The work she offers helps to ground the Awakening and the lessons that are gained when you intentionally seek to know the Truth.

Meeting Anjali is a privilege.  She has the easy elegance of genuine royalty and the  humour of a wry jester.  She embodies the kind of knowledge that comes from dedicated practice and unwavering self honesty.  Be ready when you meet her because simply being in her presence will cause an inner stirring within your own soul.