The Illumination Intensive – A Real Awakening

What is the Enlightenment Intensive?

It is easy to fall into the pattern of life with its constant movement and entrancing flow. It is easy to watch the days pass by and never stop and wonder what it is all about. You can give yourself a moment out of this never-ending dance and question the dance itself through the Enlightenment Intensive.

Here you will be given the opportunity to experience union with the truth of who you are. An unthinkable answer to the eternal question of life itself and all its wonder – the opportunity of a lifetime. From this Enlightenment Experience YOU will never again be left out of the dance of you. Your journey in life will continue as before, but now as someone who is the known centre and creator of it all.

An Enlightenment Experience can’t be described using words, symbols or conceptualization. It is an experience of the absolute truth. Absolute truth is the predecessor to all indirect methods of human knowing such as thinking, believing, feeling, reasoning and deciding. And yet, when an Enlightenment Experience happens it is self-evident and beyond certainty and doubt.

Who is guiding this process?

Anjali Hill has taken, staffed and mastered over 150 Enlightenment Intensives. When it comes to experience and actual application of the Intensive process her history is unparalleled. Her first weekend Intensive was in 1976 followed by years of intense training and eventual Master Certification in 1992 through the Dyad School of Enlightenment. Her long and dynamic journey has also included the practice and teaching of yoga, a very successful counseling practice as well as certification in the art of Clearing through the European Clearing Association.

Despite a long list of credentials and experience the thing that truly sets Anjali apart from other teachers in this realm is her unshakable commitment to the truth and your personal attainment of the absolute Truth. With caring, compassion and firmness she will take you through this journey with love and grace as guiding principals dictated by truth itself.

This is the first time in over a decade that Anjali will be the primary Master of these 4 ½ days of deep inner contemplation on who you are. She and her experienced staff will move you through this simple but intense process, unveiling the truest version of you – your own direct experience of your own truth.

Guiding the process with her will be Lorraine Kettle from Calgary, AB as co-master. Lorraine Kettle is an Enlightenment Master with over 30 years experience in the personal development field. She has worked for and with Anjali for the past 10 years and is well seasoned in Enlightenment Intensives having staffed over 70 during this time period. She has studied with both Anjali and Lawrence Noyes and feels this work in the cells of her being. Her care and focused attention comes directly from the hand of her teachers before her. She is looking forward to co-mastering this Intensive with Anjali and looks forward to being with you on the next step of your journey.