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Training for a Better Life

Training for a Better Life is a series of three very unique workshops.   The program begins with a weekend in which you learn the information and you have the opportunity to do the practices and see the results.  Following the weekend is a 4 week integration program in which you add to your skills every week.  This is powerful because you are doing this with others and it is easier to maintain new practices in the company of others than on your own.  The weeks give you an ability to live the information you have learned and experience the direct results.

The weeks of integration are designed to help your own personal life.  The students report that the 4 weeks are as powerful as the weekend itself.  The program supports the changes that you want to make.  As you do these simple practices, based in truth, your life transforms.  Each of the workshops deepens your ability to live authentically from who you really are.  You gain the ability to actually create real relationships, live true to your own inner call, be successful at whatever you desire to be and have fun while you do it.  By the process of truth, your consciousness transforms.  As a result, your world changes around you.  You discover joy, love, fulfillment, and genuine happiness through your own self.

These courses are fundamental for a life well-lived.

As a special incentive to try this out, the first course you take saves you $100.  The value of one “stand alone”  weekend is $675 but your first course will be $575!

This is an amazing gift for yourself, friends, family and colleagues! 

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Living from Truth

Living from Truth is the Advanced Program in Training for a Better Life – for those who have completed the 3 basic courses in Training for a Better Life.

Living truth as a way of life is the result of knowing who you are.  It is deeply nourishing for the source of your creativity and ability.  Living authentically relieves so much stress, fear,  and negative content in your mind.    Taking Living from Truth is an investment that you will use every day of your life.  Please read the testimonials from students of Living from Truth so that you can hear what they say about it.  Whoever you are, and wherever you are, we wish you well and happy.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.  We look forward to seeing you at the courses!

“I have done thirty- five years of spiritual work and I have never experienced anything like the Living From Truth program. In each of the weekends, I have learned information that I had never learned before and when applied made a huge difference in the quality of my life and my relationships. The follow up sessions have been invaluable and extremely practical. I got a chance to implement the teachings in daily life and impress it into my consciousness. The results for me have been amazing. My relationships with my husband, daughter and mother have transformed into a mutual love fest. My capacity to love, communicate, listen, accept and to be there for others has increased tremendously. My daily life is more passionate and I have started endeavours that bring me great joy and has added more purpose and meaning to my life. Thank you Anjali for your contribution to my life and for your service to All.”
-Linda Robinson
LA, California