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The 4 1/2 Day Classic Enlightenment Intensive – The Real Awakening

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by Añjali Hill


Enlightenment is an ‘event’. It is beyond doubt and certainty because it is the truth itself, so it is not a matter of thinking about something.  It is the matter of actual experience. Enlightenment happens outside of the limits of our current reality and is also beyond the concept of time and space. There is nothing to compare it to. The perceiver and the perceived become one and there is a total integration of Self. One is in direct union with their true nature and as a result they are self-enlightened“. This brings with it a deeper inner wisdom that can never be lost. For a timeless instant one’s consciousness expands beyond their preconceived ideas and unites with the eternal truth. One experiences, for their self the underlying absolute reality that is the essence of all things. The ego-self that has been experiencing duality becomes one with the source.


If the experience of one’s self” is arrived at through any via, such as conclusions, ideas, belief systems, hearsay, intellectualizing, feeling, sensing, etc., it is still indirect and is therefore not Enlightenment. People can mistakenly accept insights as Enlightenment.  Insights, although very valuable, are indirect because there is still a separation between what you are aware of and the one who is aware of it.  As long as there is a perceiver and that which is perceived, union has not fully taken place.


In other languages, this event is called Samadhi, Satori, and Nirvana. It has also been referred to as Christ Consciousness and Buddha Nature. There are many ways to describe it and each person’s experience is uniquely their own, even though it is the same truth that is experienced by everyone. Because Enlightenment is not limited, it cannot actually be transmitted through the limitation of thoughts or words. Enlightenment cannot be taught. It can only be experienced directly.


If someone tells you the “answer” to the question, or you read about other peoples’ experiences, it may give you a sense of it but it does not give you actual Enlightenment because you have not experienced it for yourself. Someone can tell you that the answer is you, and this is correct – but so what? Unless you experience “you” directly, it remains a mental idea, even if it is true and you accept it as true.


It is difficult to even grasp the idea of Enlightenment because it is totally different from our usual experiences in life. All that has ever been written and spoken about Enlightenment points to the possibility of union with absolute truth. Thoughts, words, and ideas do not transmit the actual experience.  There is no way to willfully make Enlightenment happen. It is Divine Grace.


The ‘focused intention’ of the meditation on this workshop, combined with contact with others, helps you through the mental and emotional barriers that have been preventing you from knowing who you really are.


Why would someone be interested in Enlightenment? What good is it? Many people live their whole lives and do not have such experiences. What is the advantage?


We live in a world of both relative truth and absolute truth. Many people believe that relative truth is the only truth that exists. Relative truth is based on a person’s point of view. This can be greatly influenced by cultural, educational, sexual, social, and economic differences.  Hence, one person’s relative truth may be different from someone else’s. Through taking the Enlightenment Intensive you are pursuing the absolute truth, the reality that underlies all relative truths. It is unchanging and timeless. It is the one that you are, and have been, no matter what influences and changes have taken place in your life. The Intensive does not insist that this truth in fact exists, only that others have said that they have experienced it, and that it can be experienced.


Taking an Enlightenment Intensive develops many abilities. People experience vastly improved communication skills, an increased ability to focus and listen to others, an open heart, a quiet mind, and deeper, more authentic self-expression.


Experiencing the truth brings you into harmony with the natural flow of life and into deeper connection with others. You can have a greater effect on whatever you put your attention on. It is easier to find your purpose in life because you know where to look. It is a relief to be able to stop being a personality, or anything or anyone with which you have become confused. You are just yourself and are free to present the actual you to others.


Doing anything, or nothing, is a great joy, the true you who is doing it. If you are conscious, by direct experience, of who and what you are, you can act directly from you. You gain the ability to speak with full integrity and authenticity. You are not just relaying ‘learned information’ or holding beliefs.  You become intelligent on a whole new level.  The wisdom of a person who is connected directly to their own source is tangible to them and the people around them.


When you know who you are you can make choices for yourself based on the truth. This is very empowering. Your life begins to manifest according to your true nature rather than who you have been trying to be, or have been told you should be. You learn to maintain your self in the face of denial and contradiction from others.  Your self cannot be dis-puted because it is just the truth and it does not need to be defended or explained. It is lived.


The Enlightenment Intensive is pure in its integrity and form. It is simple. It is unique. There is no philosophy or dogma taught on an Intensive as this would counteract the purpose of you finding the truth for yourself through your own process.


The format of the meditation intensive gives you the optimum opportunity for enlightenment and thousands of people around the world have experienced it for themselves. The Enlightenment Intensive is about uncovering your  ‘true nature’, your real self, the authentic truth of you.  It is an AMAZING journey.


In The Real Awakening, there is no philosophy or belief system that is taught.  It does not conflict with any other point of view. 

The Real Awakening offers you 4 1/2 amazing days to find out for yourself, who you really are.  Each person is there to find the truth through their own direct experience (enlightenment).  You are supported graciously by a very experienced staff.  Anjali herself has 30 years of experience in guiding people through the process.

With a simple meditation one lets go of their preconceived ideas and the truth becomes revealed.   It is an amazing journey of self discovery.

The process is simple and it can also be intense at times as you face towards yourself being open to the truth.  The purpose is to get beyond the ideas during your inquiry so that you can know for yourself, through your own experience, the truth of who you are.  To have a moment of real self recognition is what all yoga and scripture is seeking to find – union with the real truth.  The integrity of this work is that it is you who is asking who you are, so it is you who gets the answer.  By your own direct experience, your truth is revealed to you.  Because it is you who is looking, you can be found.  And no matter what you think, you will be surprised. Thousands of people have done this process.  There is great fulfillment in knowing for yourself.

What you need to know about the workshop:

It requires only your  sincere desire ‘to know’ and your commitment to the discovery.   The course is residential so you remain on the property until the end of the retreat.  All of your needs are taken care of and this enables you to keep your focus on your own process.   During the workshop you have a lot of time to sort it out for yourself.  There is time to contemplate alone and time to share what you discover with others.

The Real Awakening gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself into the search for truth. Enlightenment is not reserved only for those who spend years meditating in seclusion. It is available to you because the truth, whatever it is, is always present. The Awakening Meditation Technique is an advanced technique. It is highly effective and simple to learn. It is not necessary for you to have ever meditated before.  It only requires your genuine desire to know, your openness, and your willingness to directly experience the truth.

If you would like more information, call 604-881-6806 to find out.  We will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

When you register you will receive all of the information that you require in order to take the workshop.  The first evening is an introduction into the process followed by 3 days of meditation plus an integration day.  This process itself is beneficial for everyone.

There is no other workshop that gives you the opportunity that is offered at The Real Awakening.  Truly it is for you, for the ones that you love, and for the world.

““I just wanted to let you know that the two years that I experienced your work were truly amazing. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve shared. My life has shifted in ways that I hadn’t imagined.”

Diane Ricsecker
Vancouver, BC