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These photos were taken in Goa in India.  I was walking on one of the beautiful beaches and in the distance I saw a young Indian girl writing in the sand.  I had no idea what she was writing but was interested to know.  I thought it might be in Sanskrit or in Hindi.  She did not notice me as she was very intent on what she was writing.  As I walked nearer, she did not look up.  She completed what she was writing, stood and turned to look at the ocean, paused for a moment and walked away.  Here is what she had written.

Love, truth and self realization are universal.  You never know where or when you will get a message directly from love.  Love is all around you.  Remain open, breathing, loving.  Your ‘beloved’ will speak directly to you, in all of his or her many forms. He/She knows who you really are.  The Divine recognizes the Divine in you.  Know who you are and you will be happy no matter what the circumstances are.

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