Nothing but the Truth

In the context of spiritual growth, the meaning of Truth is simple.  It is the way things actually are.  In life the meaning is the same.   Sages, ancient wise men and scripture say how things actually are based on their personal direct experience.  They are the ones who dare to seek truth beyond adopted belief systems and social programming.  Truth is not a belief, an idea or a point of view.  It is the way things actually are.  It is the truth.

Most people do not experience truth directly for themselves.  People read spiritually uplifting material that resonates or touches them within.  When it resonates within, it sounds true.  Because the words and ideas of these others affect them positively, people wish to maintain the connection to them.  They form belief systems based on what they have read or heard.  The truth is within every individual and this creates the resonance.  This is the closest most people get to the truth.  It is a feeling of affinity with the ideas. There is a desire to stay connected to the feeling and whole systems are developed in order to sustain it.  A small number of people dare to pursue the truth directly for themselves rather than living life based on what others say.  Truth seeking requires throwing out all of your previous belief systems, preconceived ideas and personal desires as to how you want things to be.  It requires that you be open and that you be willing to go into the unknown rather than trying to reinforce what you think you already know.  It requires that you commit to only The Truth.  In Yoga, the first and foremost guideline for living is non-injury.  A teacher once said, “If you have something to say that you think will hurt someone, hold it in your heart until you find a way to not hurt them.”  The heart transforms our point of view (which we mistakenly believe to be the truth) so that we can see the real truth – the absolute truth.  It will set you free of the illusion.

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