October, 2014

The Power of Real Help

Monday, October 6th, 2014

No matter where we go or who we are with, help is a fundamental part of every relationship that we have.  We have the help of others to create, make, transport and provide all of the things that we take for granted every day. Services, food, transportation, daily needs and all of the things that our economy provides is based on some kind of service.  If you are involved in any money-making endeavour, you are providing something for money.  In families, communities, cities, countries and internationally, help and services are provided and an exchange is made.

In the realm of the absolute (Divine Truth) the individual that you are has never required help.  However, because we are also having a human experience, each individual experiences receiving or giving as an integral part of all relationships.

Here are some of the problems that people have regarding getting help and giving help.

When someone tries to help you, are you…..

  • unable or unwilling to directly ask someone for the help that you want or need
  • not understanding what kinds of help are available
  • trying to do life all by yourself – lonely – isolated – not enjoying the company of others
  • feeling shame, guilt or feeling unworthy of help
  • resistance to being someone who needs help or wants it
  • hitting a block inside of you when you try to ask
  • getting angry if you feel that you want something or need something
  • thinking that other people can’t do it as well as you can or that they will do it wrong
  • feeling that others expect something or you owe them something if they help you
  • feeling victim to your circumstances
  • feeling despondent – that there is nothing you can do to change something
  • a feeling of ‘enduring it’
  • suspicion of others if they try or offer to help you – cannot trust them
  • discounting someone’s praise or compliments
  • resenting that others have what you do not have
  • feeling like a failure – that you won’t make it
  • comparing yourself to others
  • chronic concern and worry about money and not having enough of it
  • pushing others away or resisting them if they want to help you

When you try to help others ….

  • you get negative indicators in yourself or from others when you try to help them (they or you get angry, disappointed, blaming or pain of some sort)
  • it appears that they don’t appreciate your help
  • they are critical of you or what you are doing when you try
  • they resist you
  • they tell you that you are not doing enough or you feel you are not doing enough
  • feeling that you are helping others but do not get anything in return
  • you are helping others but your own life does not work
  • although you work hard you are unable to ‘climb the ladder’ or make progress in your own estimation
  • can’t keep a job easily or you get bad reviews at your job
  • having problems with your boss or co-workers
  • hard to make friends
  • can’t get people to do what you want them to do
  • don’t feel that others respect you
  • feel like you want to get help from others but you don’t want to give them any
  • giving help feels like a burden or an imposition
  • guilt or remorse about not giving help or helping others more in your life

If you notice any of these in your life you are probably blocked somewhere in the realm of help.  The flow of giving and receiving becomes restricted. It is common for people to have some degree of dysfunction with regards to the subject of help and that is why we work on this subject in Living from Truth.  It is fundamental to relationship and joy in our lives.  

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