January, 2014

Life 101 – Mastering Cycles in Life

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Everything in life occurs in cycles.  Everything. There is nothing in life that is not a cycle, except you.  Once you realize this, and you understand how it works, you can move your life however you want it to go.  Whether it is money, relationship, career, love, health – whatever it is that you want, overcoming the problems you have with cycles in your life is a key to success. 

Being able to initiate something, sustain it and complete it is how life will move forward for you.  Problems in life are always made up of incomplete cycles.  People spend years doing things because they think they should, or they think they have to, or they have too much fear to do what they want.  Our weekend is going to be focusing on what your life needs to be for you to feel really fulfilled and on what success would be for you.  It would be different for every person depending on who they are and what they really want. 

Once you know who you are, what you are interested in, and what you want to do, you begin to bring your cycles into alignment with the goals that you have and the goals feel real because they have to do with you.  This will bring the movement.  When one has a goal that means something to them, and they know they are making progress towards that goal, they will have happiness.  Did you ever want something and you notice that as long as you were feeling progress towards it you tended to feel fulfilled.  And when you got it there was a real satisfaction.

When cycles are not being completed they stack up.  This can be seen in too much stuff (clutter in the home or workplace), too many emails or phone calls not completed, communications not given, too much thinking or mind content, too much emotional upheaval, feelings of not enough time, too many cycles to do in a day, exhaustion, and too much pressure. 

Some people suffer from too few cycles.  An example is someone out of work watching TV all day and eating all day long, or spending hours on a computer to avoid other things, or sleeping because they are bored and life is not of meaning or exciting enough for them.  A result of this can be a feeling of time dragging by, not enough stimulation, joy, happiness, companionship, and any other feeing of lack. 

Another challenge is when a person is doing cycles that are not correct for them.  They will feel dead or like they have to endure something.  They may avoid a cycles that would make a real difference in their life and do things that feel meaningless just so the day is done.  They will feel tired and un-inspired, questioning what life is about and what they can do to be fulfilled.

Any cycle problems that a person has began in childhood. Their cycles of natural development were thwarted or deeply interfered with.  If you were in a home like most kids, you were you were restricted from doing some things and told you had to do other things.  You may have had a lot of pressure on you to be a certain way or experienced some kind of punishment for not meeting another person’s expectations.  Variations occur but generally most people are suffering from cycle dysfunction to some degree.  This would show up as a difficulty in initiating something you know you should do or want to do, or being unable to sustain something, or having a problem in completing things including relationships, communications, activities, responsibilities, etc.

If you take the example of money – many people know what they should do or want to do around money, but they are not able to do it.  The same with love, relationships, health, how you live your day, etc.

Here is some key information.  Anyone who is successful in any realm of life will be initiating, sustaining and completing cycles in that realm of life. 

Our deepest goals and desires are important to us and they are the force behind the choices that we make.  However, many people are not really clear on what it is they want to do or have. They chase people or things trying to get satisfaction and find they are not satisfied at all.  It is because they are not yet connected to their real inner core and their real desire or mission in life.  When the purpose for your motivation is fuzzy it messes up your ability to make choices and align your day with what you really want. People suffer from their lives being filled with too many meaningless cycles and too few cycles that fulfill their real desires.  Life feels empty and so do they.  Life loses its meaning and the person wonders why they are here.  This is a big cause of depression – feeling that you are not getting anywhere.   Life can go by for years and a person still has not done what they wanted to do. Understanding cycles lifts this burden giving you the tools and ability to move into the Director’s Chair and change the script.  You know how to do it and it is easy to do because it all comes from you.   As you align your cycles in harmony with your truthful intention, all of the universe aligns with you and life becomes a joy.  I know you have experienced it once in awhile but it gets lost in layers and layers of duties or obligations, sometimes feeling that we are giving up our soul for what we think will give us a payoff.  Now it’s time to reclaim it and do so in such a way that life and your purpose align. 

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