Confidence and Self-Esteem

The Course on Confidence and Self-Esteem in Living from Truth assists you in finding out ‘who you really are’.  Lack of confidence and low or damaged self-esteem is a condition that many people are in and it is a barrier to their own fulfillment and happiness in life.  Even if you do not feel that it is a big issue for you, to what degree do you think your own thoughts hold you back from your success, love, intimacy, and joy?

A condition of low confidence or self-esteem is created when a person confuses an idea of who they are (and what they can do), with who they really are, and what they truly are capable of.  This sets up an inner contradiction and therefore an inherent struggle.  The person bases their actions and choices on their ideas about what they think is true rather than being able to act from their true self.  Their life then does not feel real to them to some degree and does not truly represent them.  Because they are ‘identified’ with the thoughts they have about their self or their life, they often cannot even conceive of what could be available to them.  Suffering from this comes in varying degrees depending on how much the ideas of low self worth are subconsciously running their life.  It may have originated a long time ago but the solution is now.  Being free of these ideas releases you into the most extraordinary possibilities.  One can make decisions clearly and knows what to do and what not to do.  One makes progress to their goals and has a deep inner sense of who they are.

There are two kinds of happiness.  One is ‘knowing who you really are’ and the other is making known progress towards known goals.  These are linked. When your goals are not in alignment with ‘who you really are’, you will find that they do not feel fulfilling and you will have to use too much will to get them done.  This creates tremendous fatigue and something has to give.  Let’s spend the weekend and the six-week follow-up on who you are, what you truly desire, and what your value actually is. From that true and authentic reality you will be able to make the changes that you need to make and you will have the ability to go forward and do them.  Feeling good about who you are is a good and wholesome feeling.  It is true and it is real.  No one can tell you what you should think or do, but you can find it in yourself when you know what you want, and who you really are.

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