Getting Yourself Understood

Do you get frustrated trying to get yourself across to others – your partner, friends, family, co-workers, and clients?  Have you felt at times that no one understands you and that maybe you don’t understand others either?  Is there a particular relationship that you are having problems in?  Being able to get yourself understood is key for fulfillment in any relationship whether it is personal or business.

Three important areas need to be working for a satisfying relationship; Communication(your ability to relate), Rapport (your quality of connection) and Reality (your authenticity).   People often feel victim to their own relationships not realizing that they can do something about them.  Not only can you do something about them, you can change them!  You have known people who put the responsibility on others to understand them and get angry when they feel misunderstood.  In ‘Getting Yourself Understood’you create ways to express yourself that leave you feeling very satisfied and able to do what is required to bring about real understanding in your relationships.

Communication and relationship skills are the highest paid skills in our society because every experience in our world is based on relationship with something or someone.Personal relationship, monetary success, and the quality of your life are directly proportional to your own ability to relate with others, your ability to express yourself, and your ability to understand them.  For personal relationship, the deepest connection is ‘souls merging’.  Under everyone’s striving to be understood is a deeper desire to be living ‘connected’ with themselves and with each other.

The next Weekend Seminar of Living from Truth and the Six-week Follow Up Program gives you the ability to say what you want to express in real contact with others in such a way that they can understand what you are trying to say. Professionally you develop unique and effective skills for making contact that you can use anywhere, anytime, under any situation.  You discover what is under your own reactivity to someone and how to handle it.  As you are able to understand others and connect to them, they become more open and available to you.  Whether it is trauma from early childhood conditioning or a block in your own ability to relate easily with others the course takes you past your barriers.  Yes, at times it is uncomfortable when you come up against your concerns and your fears, but you know how valuable it is to learn this so you go forward to develop the kind of relationships you really want.  Life is then experienced with joy through your true heart felt connection with others.

This whole workshop and the six-week Follow Up is offered to you for $100 if you have not previously attended.

We know that when you receive such personal benefit, you will understand the process and what you can attain by going on.  We can show you something that makes your life worth living in a whole new way.  By giving time, energy, and participation you experience a profound difference in your ability to live a much brighter and happier life, which you can then share with others who are important to you.  In order to attend you must give a commitment to remain in the course from beginning to end, participate fully and be willing to go past the things that are uncomfortable for you.  The course builds your ability in such a way that by the end you know that it works and you realize the power you have to change your own life. If you have taken this course, you know the value of it and that reviewing it will only deepen your capacity to live truth, love, understanding, and fulfillment.

The Next Course:  To Be Announced

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