The Relationship Course

For a relationship to exist you need to be able to relate with that which is ‘other’ than you.  Whether it is a someone, or a something, if you are not in relationship with who, or what that is, what are you in relationship with?  Often we do not see the other person or thing, and we do not feel seen.  It is because we are not in relationship with what is there.  We are in relationship with what we think ‘about’ what or who is there.  Living alone in the mind is a solitary and lonely existence.  Find out what is really available with others.  It is beyond imagining.  It is true.  It is real.  And it is deeply, deeply, fulfilling. 

You meet someone at a party……… within a moment you like him or her, or you don’t.  You feel attracted or repelled, good or not good, want to be closer or further away.   If there is neither attraction nor repulsion, you are neutral, and contact occurs or it doesn’t.  There is no importance to it one way or the other unless you put significance to it or they do.  

It is like the waves of an ocean hitting the shore.  The contact is occurring through the nature of the water and the nature of the shore being with each other.  The event of their meeting cannot occur unless they are true to their own natures.  If the ocean does not exist you are not able to have something called a shore.  If the shore is not there, the ocean cannot be interactive with it.  What each of them is naturally affects the other and by being there they are destined to be together in some way.  The more deeply you can go into what you are, and be who you feel yourself to be at your very essence, the more likely you are to be with who is there for you.  

What causes ‘attraction’?  It’s not like the wave is sitting out there saying, “Boy what a great shore!  I’d really like to get together with that and see what happens.  Maybe that shore can satisfy my own desires.”

And the shore is not going “Whoa baby, what a great wave you are.  Come to me baby, lay it on me.”

Have you ever had someone attracted to you and you are not attracted to them?

Have you ever been attracted to someone but they are not attracted to you?

And what do you do with that in your own mind? What story do you have about it and what meaning do you put to it?  What type of relationship do you have with your family, your boss, your co-workers, neighbors, and society?

Whatever you desire; love, intimacy, companionship, passion, freedom, or deep success in the world, it is always based on your own ability to relate with other people.  If you improve your ability you will have a better life.  The course shows you how and takes you through the steps.  As your ability improves, you are able to choose what makes your life worthwhile.

The Next Course on Relationship – to be announced


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